Monday, March 31, 2008

'The Hills' and Miley Cyrus -- why, why, WHY?

This has been a particularly strange week in the world of Pop Culture for me.
First I caught Miley Cyrus on the Kids Choice Awards Saturday. I have never heard a Hannah Montana song, since I am older than 13 myself and don't have daughters. As I watched her perform on Saturday, I simply could not believe what I was hearing! The worst singer on "American Idol" (I'm looking at you Kristy Lee Cook) is many times better than Miley.
She is simply a terrible singer. And it wasn't like her dancing was so great it messed up her singing. Madonna, hell, even Britney Spears in her heyday, did way better dancing and still sang better. Why are people so into this girl? Are there so few role models for girls that every girl has to go to Miley? In the world of Bratz, I guess I already know the answer to that.
Then there is this thing called "The Hills"?!? Now, I grant you, all I have seen of "The Hills" has been on "The Soup," and it's been so annoying that sometimes I have wanted to turn it off in the middle of a short clip. I cannot imagine how bored one has to be to watch a half hour of this nonsense. The last clip I saw the girl was all excited about feathers! What is happening to our youth?
Why do people pay attention to this crap? I really want to know.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Elimnation night for the "Idol" top 10

The group sing starts off the night and it has a very "Brady Kids" feel to it.
We also get to hear why iTunes is awesome, and how awesome it is to record in a studio. Awesome.
We are also reminded that David Cook was a very ugly baby.
Also David Archuleta is quoted backstage saying that the completely obscure song he sang last night is one of his favorites, as a rebuttal to Simon saying he was sure David did not choose it. This is about David's father, who has been reported to be a nightmare stage dad. I sure hope he doesn't blow his son's chances.
Kimberly Locke came back to sing and brag about her weight loss.
This "Idol Gives Back" thing really is pretty cool.
All this drooling over "God Bless the USA" is really nauseating.
Chikezie goes home tonight.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"American Idol's" top 10

The theme tonight is a song from the year the contestants were born, so we get cute baby pictures. Smart.

Ramiele Malubay
Song: "Alone"
Judges say: Randy said it was not the right song for her, it was too big for her. Paula said America needs to hear her big voice right now. Randy and Paula both mention her being sick, although they were the ones who sounded sick. Simon said the first part of the song was OK. After last week, if she made it through, she'll be fine this week.
I think: This is a very screechy song. It's giving me a headache.

Jason Castro
Song: "Fragile"
Judges say: Randy liked the song and said it was nice. Paula said it was true to who he is, and it wasn't a big "wow," a little safe. Simon said he's had two bad weeks, and he needs to take it a little more seriously. He said he's potentially a winner, but not if he does "that" week after week.
I think: The guitar is back. This is a smart, sophisticated song, and he has a unique arrangement. He is singing in Spanish this time. I love it, Simon is wrong.

Syesha Mercado
Song: "If I Were Your Woman"
Judges say: Randy said it's the best he's ever heard her sing. It was stellar and unbelieveable. Paula said it's going to be remembered as her moment. Everything was perfect. Simon said it was the best was so far, and the end was not as strong. He said the song stretched her vocal limit.
I think: Don't do the creepy baby cry again! I'm done with her boring song choices.

Song: "If Only for One Night"
Judges say: Randy said it was old fashioned and it was too "old school." Paula said he is definitely a throwback, but it's a good throwback. She said it was a great job. Simon said he sang it well but the performance was too cheesy, and it wasn't original.
I think: Another ballad, but it's by a stronger performer. He doesn't bore me, like most people do when they sing the "Idol"y ballads.

Brooke White
Song: "Every Breath You Take"
Judges say: Randy said he didn't like the arrangement. He said it was aight. Paula said she enjoyed her performance, and she has her own niche. Simon said he totally agrees with Randy, and she should have stayed on her own, without the band. He didn't pick on her for the mistake.
I think: She started the song twice. I never say this, but I don't think this song suits her.

Michael Johns
Song: "We Are the Champions"
Judges say: Randy said finally, he has some confidence and uses his voice. He said it was the best performance he has done so far. Paula said "we can all shut our mouths on this one, and it was your moment." Fantastic. Simon said it was the first time he has seen star potential with him. "You just got it right. It's the only memorable performance of the night so far."
I think: He does so much better when he does a Queen or Doors song. It's like a different guy.

Carly Smithson
Song: "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
Judges say: Randy said he liked it but didn't love it. He said it wasn't the wrong song. Paula said she can take every song she doesn't like and make her buy it. She stretched it the end. Simon said the song didn't quite work, and she was too tense. He said she has lighten up a little (not as much as Jason, I assume).
I think: I. HATE. THIS. SONG. And here she goes screaming her head off again. But she was a cute baby. Even though she looks terrible tonight.

OK, the commercial with the talking baby is the most entertaining I have seen tonight. "I really underestimated the creepiness."

David Archuleta
Song: "You're the Voice"
Judges say: Randy said it was a strange song, but it proves his mad skillz and he sing whatever. Paula said he could sing the phone book and we'd fall in love with it. Simon said he didn't like the performance at all, and it was like a theme park performance. He said "it's not you at all!"
I think: He sounds like a Doobie Brother tonight.

Kristy Lee Cook
Song: "God Bless the U.S.A."
Judges say: Randy said it was a very nice performance and he loves the song. Paula called that piece of trash "a very poignant and respectful song." Simon said it was her best performance by a mile. He said it was the most clever song choice in years.
I think: What a desperate move, playing the patriotic card. It's a cheesy, awful song.

David Cook
Song: "Billie Jean"
Judges say: Randy said he is the boldest performer they have ever heard. Blzing molten hot. Paula said he is smart, brave and willing to stretch the boundaries. Simon said it was brave and could have been insane or amazing, and "it was amazing."
I think: A different arrangement, once again. He's ballsy, and I have to admit I love to see what he's going to do next.

The tops this week? Jason Castro, Michael Johns, David Cook

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Elimination night on "Idol"

Ryan reveals this season's mentors: Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Neil Diamond.
Then the group sing, which is less awful than last week, and last night, in a lot of ways.
Brooke first goes the top 10. Carly is the first person put in the bottom three. Randy and Paula are mad at you, America.
David A. is the next one to go to the top 10. Michael defends his singing of "A Day in the Life" before he makes it to the top 10. Kristy is gone, then?
The filler is showing the making of ... the Ford commercial. Blast you, filler! Still, David C. appears to be having the time of his life playing the director. Ramiele describes it as "a fun day off!" Oh girl, you need a life. Still, the commercial is kinda cute.
David C. makes the top 10. Kristy makes the bottom three, again. Jason makes the top 10. Ramiele makes the top 10.
Commercial time. Actually Fox, NO "Unhitcheds" are more than enough.
Tonight the questioner wants to know why Simon doesn't spend any money on clothes. Simon responds it was a rude question. Apparently Simon has a million-dollar car. And he would kiss Paula again. Ramiele likes R. Kelly. Oh, the things we are learning. Michael says "Idol" has been much more stressful than he was expecting.
Next we catch up with Kellie Pickler, who has a really good life now. She performs her song "Red High Heels." It's a little pitchy, dawg. She sings to Simon, who grins at her.
Next Fantasia and Eliot go to Angola to show how the money from last year's "Idol Gives Back " was used. They distribute nets there. Eliot learns that a baby in town was named after him, and he cries. It's sweet.
Syesha makes the top 10. Next, Amanda and Chikezie come out. Chikezie is safe. Amanda is in the bottom three.
Carly makes the top 10. Kristy is the last one in the top 10.
So I guess we won't get that version of "Free Bird" after all.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Idol" meets the Beatles, part two

Hey, you know what had something to do with the Beatles and was GOOD? "Across the Universe." Seriously, see it, it rocks.
Now, for this.

Amanda Overmyer
Song: Back in the U.S.S.R.
The peanut gallery: Randy says it was the perfect song for her, but it was pitchy at the beginning. "7 out of 10!" Paula said she was ahead of the beat some, but she was unique. She said she wants to see her do a ballad. Simon said it was predictable, a bit of a mess in parts and she is doing the same thing week after week. He thinks she's in trouble.
I think: I still say this woman has one move, and I am getting tired of it. (Simon and I are together again.)

Kristy Lee Cook
Song: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
The peanut gallery: Randy said it was an interesting arrangement and it was kind of boring and safe. Paula said it's best to stick with the usual arrangements, and it was too safe. Simon said she needs hypnosis because she's not a good performer, and she's like musical wallpaper. Ugh! She said "the whole Beatles thing" is new to her. Shut up, Kristy.
I think: I don't like the arrangement at all. It's a simple song and she and the band are overdoing it.

David Archuleta
Song: The Long and Winding Road
The peanut gallery: Randy said they audience was right to go crazy because the hotness is back. Still, he said he needs to make it his own. Paula said it was the most exciting performance and it reveals his character to come back from a bad week. Simon said this week he was amazing.
I think: Kind of a boring song, but he's back on his game.

Now, we have live commercials for iPhone and Coke. Sheesh.

Michael Johns
Song: A Day in the Life
The peanut gallery: Randy said it isn't one of his best performances. He has to let his voice take over. Paula said she caught dress rehearsal and it was phenomenal. She thinks the monitors are hurting his performance (but he wasn't wearing it! so she said their is no excuse). Simon said it was a mess, he didn't hit the right notes, and it didn't work as a minute and a half.
I think: He is doing the "woke up, got out of bed" part! I wondered how he'd pull this song together for 90 seconds. He is making a big ol' mess out of it. (Simon and I are in sync again.)

Brooke White
Song: Here Comes the Sun
The peanut gallery: Randy said the performance was awkward, and the "whoo!" kind of slipped out and it didn't gel together. Paula said you can't help but smile when you listen to her, and it showed off her low notes. But she should not play it so safe. Simon said he just knew she'd be wearing yellow, and said the performance was horrible. (She tells the audience not to give the judges a hard time, which is awesome.)
I think: She is not doing much different with the song, but it suits her. I never thought I'd like her so much.

David Cook
Song: Day Tripper
The peanut gallery: Randy said he keeps it interesting, and he's throwing picks in the crowd. He said it was "another solid look for David Cook." Paula said there's nothing else to say, he's ready to go sell records. Simon said it's not as good as David thought it was, the voice box was stupid, and he's lost his element of surprise a little.
I think: He is another surprising person to me. I never thought I'd like him as much as I do, but ever since "Hello" he's been knocking them out of the park (with a voice box no less!). This is the best performance of the night.

Carly Smithson
Song: Blackbird
The peanut gallery: Randy said it was very nice and controlled. He loved it and said it was cool. Paula said the arrangement was beautiful and everyone is challenging each other. Simon said the song choice was not very smart, it was indulgent, and she just totally interrupted him! I don't believe it!
I think: She needs to keep her overwrought voice reined in and do something nice. Now, if she only had kept it up the whole song, and covered up the ugly tattoo. And she really lays on the Irish accent when she's on stage.

Jason Castro
Song: Michelle
The peanut gallery: Randy said it was a good choice, but kind of subdued, and he didn't really connect with it. Paula said he has a distinct charm, and he gets a little disconnected without his guitar. Simon said tonight is a weird show, and it's getting a bit strange. He also said Jason's face sold that, that he's "very charming and not obnoxious."
I think: This is very solid. I loved it.

Syesha Mercado
Song: Yesterday
The peanut gallery: Randy said it was a very good performance and she took some liberties. Paula said she let herself be vulnerable and it sets her apart. Simon said it was her best performance so far, because she chose the best song and arrangement.
I think: This is such an easy song to make boring, and she did it here.

Song: I've Just Seen a Face
The peanut gallery: Randy said it was a weird arrangement (agreed!) and he didn't like the slow part (disagreed!). Paula said it showed all sides of Chikezie. Simon said it started OK but the harmonica was "literally atrocious" and it turns into "Achy Breaky Heart" at the end! Hee! He said it was gimmicky.
I think: I liked it better slow, because the fast version is just like last week's "She's a Woman," which was really great.

Ramiele Malubay
Song: I Should Have Known Better
The peanut gallery: Randy said he liked it and it showed her confidence. Paula said definitely better than last week, but the ballads show her range. Simon said it sounded like Chikezie was on harmonica. He said it was a mediocre song (oh, snap!) and didn't show the best of her ability so "it is what it is."
I think: I love this song, and it's really fun, and she is not ruining it. She's doing better than the last couple of weeks.

I think Michael is out and Jason and David Cook were the best of the night.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is "American Idol" ... and Jim Carrey?

First we have Jim Carrey, dressed in a Horton costume, being just sweet as pie. He made a joke about there being an elephant in the room. Remember when Jim Carrey was a big jackass? Well, he still is, but it seems like he is going a different way with it.
Then comes the news that there will be more Lennon/McCartney songs next week. I sure hope y'all liven it up a little, because Chikezie pwned the rest of you last night. During the medley, we see Sanjaya's in the audience! I'm gonna cry!
The recaps from last night made me like Jason's performance more - I know, big surprise.
Those commercials are so painful to watch. How are they not embarrassed by that?
Katharine McPhee, who just annoys the crap out of me, comes back and sings "Something."
The bottom three are Syesha, Kristy and David H.
David Hernandez is voted off. Man, he has a creepy wink.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Top 12 make John Lennon roll in his gave

I have dreaded this night ever since I heard this was possible. THIS ... is American Idol, and THESE used to be beloved classic songs. The best quote I ever heard about this subject was on "The Simpsons": Milhouse: Who are the Beatles? Bart: They're ones on all of Maggie's baby records. My problem is I rarely can ever tolerate another person's version of a Beatles song.

Oh, and the stupid new stage. Whee.... The wait is over? Oh, Ryan. Just when I start to tolerate you, you say something like that.

Syesha Mercado
Song: Got to Get You into My Life
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said it was nice arrangement, it started rough (again with the pitchy), but it got better. Paula agrees it started out pitched, but she pulled it together and she was just Syesha. Simon said it was better than all right, but she looked nervous.
I think: My husband say this Earth, Wind and Fire's version. It sounds like Vegas lounge singer.

Song: She's a Woman
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said he was thoroughly entertained, loved the whole arrangement. Chikezie smashed it! Paula said it was a great example of changing it up, and she has been waiting for this. Simon said he's really surprised that he agrees with "these two." He said he controlled the stage. Then Ryan totally spazzed on him. It was cute in a Seacrest kind of way.
I think: We learn that Paula is a good traveler, from the ex-TSA employee. Yikes. The fiddlers was a great idea; this was hot, as Randy would say.

Ramiele Malubay
Song: In My Life
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said it was kind of pretty but it was kind of pretty boring. Paula said she looks lovely (this never seems like a good thing to lead off with), but it was pretty safe and she could have done more with it. Simon said he was bored to tears throughout the entire song. Sorry!
I think: She hits all the notes, but it's boring. It's totally Disney soundtrack.

Jason Castro
Song: If I Fell
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said he liked but didn't love it. He felt the switches in the melody didn't work. Paula said she disagreed, she loved it. She said he makes it better by putting his heart into it. Simon said it was all a bit "student in a bedroom at midnight."
I think: The guitar is back. This is very weak for him; he's having trouble hitting notes.

Carly Smithson
Song: Come Together
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said she obviously felt comfortable and it was a stellar performance. Paula said she already looks like a star. Simon said he felt she had chosen the wrong song every week up 'til now. It reminds him of Kelly Clarkson.
I think: She said she was going to change it up but it sounds pretty routine to me. She's OK.

David Cook
Song: Eleanor Rigby
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said this proved you can rock out on "Idol." Paula said he is the dark horse. Simon said he thought it was brilliant, and for two weeks in a row he has done great. He thinks he could win.
I think: Another different arrangement, but no guitar this time. I like it. But I hate his jacket.

Brooke White
Song: Let it Be
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said what he likes about her is he could picture her practicing that song as a child, but wasn't her strongest performance. Paula said her niche is picking emotional songs, and it makes people fall in love with her. Simon said it was one of the best performances of the night, brilliant song choice, and it was believeable.
I think: I really love this song, and I have to say she's not doing much with it. She is playing the piano, but so what?

David Hernandez
Song: I Saw Her Standing There
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said he overdid it on such a simple song. Paula said she loves his voice, but he overdid it this time, too. Simon said "no, no, no" and it was corny verging on desperate. And it wasn't cool.
I think: He used to work at a pizza bistro, hmm, is that what they are calling that now? He sounds like total karaoke to me. I just don't get his appeal, though he is very gracious about his feedback.

Amanda Overmyer
Song: You Can't Do That
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said she made the song her own. Paula said she having more fun, and she blown away. Simon said he didn't think it was as good as last week, and it got a little bit shouty. He still considers her a breath of fresh air.
I think: As far as I am concerned, she is already on borrowed time. She's not doing that much with this.

Michael Johns
Song: Across the Universe
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said it was a little sleepy, but it was aight. Paula said it takes an inner strength to sing on a bare stage, and it was brilliant. Simon said it was boring and that "the Irish girl" did better. Hee. It's amazing he never knows anyone's name or any of the songs.
I think: It's a pretty good song, but again, not doing enough with it.

Kristy Lee Cook
Song: Eight Days a Week
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said it was kind of wild for him, but vocally she was trying to force some runs into it. Paula said she didn't enjoy it because she didn't get it. Simon said it was horrendous, because she sounded like "Dolly Parton on helium." It was brave but foolish.
I think: I don't hate it. My husband thinks there should be a stagecoach race going on.

David Archuleta
Song: We Can Work it Out
Yo! Judge Judy!: Randy said it was not on point and it is not his vibe. It felt forced. Paula said it wasn't his best week, and he forgot the lyrics. Simon said it was a mess, he forgot the lyrics, and it was all over the place.
I think: Lite FM. David stumbles!

Chikezie blew everyone else out of the water tonight.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Top 12 Revealed!

First Blake Lewis comes out and sings his new hit song, which is off key.
Then Ryan talks about the set again, and congratulates Paula on her number one downloaded video.

The first 3 seated are:
David Cook
David Archuleta
Jason Castro

The next to sit down are:
Brooke White
Syesha Mercado

Next, Kady Malloy is voted off. She seems happy to go, but I still have to say, it's sweet how all the contestants seem to be pulling for each other this year. Asia'h cries her eyes out as Kady sings.

After commercial, the next two guys are:
David Hernandez
Michael Johns

Luke is going home. I'll miss his handsome face, but not his singing. Simon looks bored to death as he sings.

The next girls to make the top 12 are:
Ramiele Malubay
Carly Smithson
Amanda Overmyer
Kristy Lee Cook

Poor Asia'h and Kristy Lee had to stand up on stage forever while Ryan read slowly, word by word, the results.

The last person in the top 12 is:

Ramiele cries uncontrollably on Carly's shoulder. Danny cried before he even heard the news at the other results. I was honestly pretty surprised he didn't make it. He was a great personality. I'll miss him, and he is totally kicking ass singing "Tainted Love" again.

Top 8 Girls on Idol

It's still the '80s. I heard someone say there will be a lot of Paula Abdul songs tonight. My guess is ... not so much.

Asia'h Epperson
Song: I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
The panel: Randy said it was hot and she proved she should be here. He recorded that song with Whitney. Paula said she's picking big songs and doing them well. You nailed it! Simon is not so enthusiastic, saying at best it was second-rate Whitney Houston. Randy and Paula disagreed.
I think: A crappy song, but she sang it well.

Kady Malloy
Song: Who Wants to Live Forever
The panel: Randy said Queen is really hard to sing but she did the big notes well. The small ones, not so much. Paula said to date it was her best performance. She also disagreed with Randy. Simon said it was definitely better than last week and he said she has a massive lack of personality. He called her a Stepford Wife (hee!), and said she may be in trouble.
I think: Another boring ballad, but she also nailed it.

Amanda Overmyer
Song: I Hate Myself for Loving You
The panel: Randy said this is the Amanda we remember and this is the kind of music she should be picking. "Well done, baby!" Paula said she looked beautiful, and she found her niche. Simon said it was fantastic and she absolutely nailed the song. It was one of his favorite performances of this part of the competition.
I think: She is much, much better this week, but she looks oddly distracted during the judging. Still, the girls are kickin' ass!

Carly Smithson
Song: I Drove All Night
The panel: Randy said he loved it, dude (?). He called her dude repeatedly. Paula said she is the dependable "dawg," and she looks relaxed and her singing is indescribable. Simon said she chose the wrong song, and he can't get away from the Celine version, and it's not a great song that gives her what she deserves.
I think: I honestly cannot believe how good the girls are tonight. Another great performance!

Kristy Lee Cook
Song: Faithfully
The panel: Randy said Journey is very dear to his heart, but she put a country kind of lilt to it and it would be a good single. Paula said it could be a hit, too, and she looks great. Simon said it was good that she used the country influence but she is still forgettable.
I think: When she was 7, she acted like a dog. For a year! Weird. I know they are suddenly "cool," but I have always and always will hate Journey. She has been the weakest of the night.

Ramiele Malubay
Song: Against All Odds
The panel: Randy said it was a big song with big vocals, but she is still thinking too much instead of letting go. Paula said she has such a beautiful face and went off on this weird tangent about mutts. She then pulled it together and said she deserves to be in the top 12. Simon said because she was little and cute it was good, but he found the whole thing predictable.
I think: I love her, but this did not blow me away. It was aight, a little screechy. Plus she looks a little frumpy. How did they make her look frumpy? She's so adorable!

Brooke White
Song: Love is a Battlefield
The panel: Randy said it was very interesting but didn't really bring anything new to the song. Paula said it was a wise choice and it was pure. Simon said it worked because she made it her own.
I think: Pat Benatar is a tall order, I should think, but she did well. I do like her hair better curly, which I guess doesn't really mean anything, but just sayin'.

Syesha Mercado
Song: Saving All My Love for You
The panel: Randy said "good!" Paula said it was sophisticated. Simon said "predictable but good."
I think: I think, as the others, she did well, but I wonder why they chose such boring songs, with few exceptions. I remember the '80s as fun.

Best of the best of the best, sir!: Amanda, Carly, Brooke, Syesha

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Idol Top 8 Guys

It's '80s night for the top eight guys. Boy, Ryan loves talking about that new set.

Luke Menard
Song: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
The panel: Randy said it started off rough but he pulled it together. Paula said she was surprised he picked the song but she thought he did well with it. Simon said it was weak and "girly" (hee) and there is no way he will make it to the top 12.
I think: I love this song, but he blew it. How is he still on? (I write these during the singing, and it shocks me how often Simon and I agree.)

David Archuleta
Song: Another Day in Paradise
The panel: Randy said it was nice and wondered again about the song choice. Paula said there were a couple notes that were off and it made her feel he wasn't perfect, and that is refreshing. Simon said it wasn't as good as last week. He said it's getting a little gloomy and it's time to lighten up a bit. (David said he wanted to focus on the plight of the homeless. His parents raised him right.)
I think: He looks and sounds more mature this week, which helps us to envision him as a pop star. He plays the piano, too! He is a force to be reckoned with.

Danny Noriega
Song: Tainted Love
The panel: Randy said it started off rough but he was more confident in the end. He also liked the arrangement. Paula said he is a bright light in the competition, that he is sensitive and spicy. Simon said it was horrible and he hated everything about it. (Danny yelled "whatever!" I do love his attitude.)
I think: Ack! Another one of my all-time favorite songs. He overdid it in my opinion, but he looked and sounded more natural than he has before. The guys are having fun. (Simon and I are at odds here.)

David Hernandez
Song: It's All Coming Back to Me Now
The panel: Randy said it was a nice song choice for him, because it was a big song. Paula said he is finding his niche and is one of the best vocalists. Simon said he didn't like it as much as last week but he's definitely in the top 12 with this.
I think: Euw! It's the gay stripper! (Allegedly.) Even before I heard that, I did not like him. Not a lot of masculine singing tonight.

Michael Johns
Song: Don't You (Forget About Me)
The panel: Randy loved it and said it was the right song for him. (He also said "you remind me of Michael Hutchence," who, it should be pointed out, did not sing this song.) Paula said she is defining himself and showed off his low range. Simon said he liked but didn't love it and he hasn't connected with the right song.
I think: He's off tonight. Still, I like him, and hope he will coast on his previous performances.

David Cook
Song: Hello
The panel: Randy said he loved that it was an emo version of a Lionel Ritchie song. Paula said she loves him because it was a surprise and would be a hit today. Simon said it was a very brave thing to do and he loved it. He liked that it was risky.
I think: Why is he playing an electric guitar while singing Lionel Ritchie? It's so weird!

Jason Castro
Song: Hallelujah
The panel: Randy said it was a great song and challenging as well. Paula said he showed vulnerability, and she likes his uniqueness. Simon said the Jeff Buckley version is one of his all-time favorite songs. (No pressure, yikes!) He said it was brilliant and it was his strongest performance so far.
I think: I love the song and I thought he was great doing it.

Song: All the Woman I Need
The panel: Randy said he thought it was an interesting song choice but he was surprisingly good. Paula said she was waiting for something up tempo. Simon said it didn't work at all.
I think: He's really pulled it together after that terrible orange suit a few weeks ago.

The best of the best of the best, sir!: David Cook (especially compared to the rest of the guys tonight), Jason Castro (again!), Chikezie