Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The last of Neil Diamond, ever!

Could there have been a more difficult mentor? Maybe next week they should just do Gregorian Chants. The group sing isn't really a group sing any more, since the "group" is five people and none of their voices are compatible. Brooke and Syesha are reduced to back-up DANCING.
Nothing has changed from last night. They still can't sing Neil Diamond's songs. Not a one of them. And I'm still bummed David Cook didn't do "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon." That would have been so cool. Or "Turn on Your Heartlight," which would have been hilarious.
Hey, it's Gina Glocksen! Who is not dating Constantine. It's too bad, because he's cute. And she looks great. Go Gina! They host "American Idol Extra," by the way.
Ryan speaks up for Paula and says "the rumors" are not true! You mean the rumors that she wrote up her judges' comments before the songs were done? Just kidding. She clearly watched rehearsal. And is loopy.
Jason is first up and he is safe, which goes to show that it's all based on popularity. I love Jason, but last night was not his night. Next up is David A., and Paula gets a chance to explain why she thinks he should have more fun (his dad). And in the biggest non-surprise of the night, David A. is safe.
The preview of "So You Think You Can Dance' looks more like "So You're a Contortionist."
David Cook is up next. He is safe. So it's Brooke or Syesha and we have an entire half hour of filler before we find out who it is.
Natasha Bedingfield sings next. Who is she? I don't know, but her pants are too tight and her song is very annoying.
Not the call-in segment again! The first girl Simon ever kissed (at 9 years old!) called in to ask if he remembers her. It's actually kind of cute, especially when Ryan reminds kids that nine years old is too young to kiss.
Neil Diamond is performing tonight. So all the audience's dreams are coming true. I have to say this guy aging remarkably, although he appears to have at the least had botox.
Brooke goes home tonight. Pack your stuff for next week, Syesha, this is all about the boys at this point.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Neil Diamond, explaining how he wrote his songs

Remember that, on "SNL"? Anyway, it's not true. He's just torturing remaining five on "American Idol."

OK, I hate this structure, everyone sings one song, then the next one. So I am going to put up here that I totally agreed with Simon's assessment after the first song - top 5 contenders should be doing better than this. And how about Paula rating both songs? How whacked out is this woman?

Jason Castro
Songs: "Forever in Blue Jeans" and "September Morn"
See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil said: Randy said it was OK and he doesn't know what's happening tonight. Paula wants him to get out of his comfort zone. Simon said he hasn't recognized him in two weeks and he hasn't put any of himself into it.
I think: OK, the first song is almost over and I can't think of anything to say. That doesn't seem good. I didn't like how he switched key back and forth. The second song, Dullsville!

David Cook
Songs: "I'm Alive" and "All I Really Need is You"
See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil said: Randy said he's a huge David Cook fan and it was blazin'. Paula said he picked lesser known songs and was the only one who pulled it off. Simon said, first song OK, second song brilliant.
I think: In "Alive," he sounds like Neil Diamond, and the song is OK. "All I Really Need" was much better, because he perked up a little.

Brooke White
Songs: "I'm a Believer" and "I Am I Said"
See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil said: Randy said "I Am" is a difficult song to sing and she did a nice job. Paula said it showed her vulnerability and she recovered from the first song. Simon said she really really hated the first one but "this is the Brooke we like."
I think: She's singing too low, and the band is too loud. Simon said it was a nightmare, and I'm with him. I hate "I Am I Said" because of the thing with the chair not hearing him. (If it did hear you, dude, you would be in trouble.) Plus he told her to sing Arizona instead of New York and she realized when she sang "coasts" it didn't work.

David Archuleta
Songs: "Sweet Caroline" and "America"
See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil said: Randy said "for a young man you are in the zone." Paula said she loves him and he is brilliant. Have fun! Simon said it was clever and the right choice.
I think: He's all over the place. I think this is bad. There is something about his voice that really bugs me sometimes, and tonight it's all I hear.

Syesha Mercado
Songs: "Hello Again" and "Thank the Lord for the Nighttime"
See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil said: Randy said she is finally realizing who she is and doing well. Paula said she was vulnerable in the first and the second showcased her performance ability. Simon said this is officially the strangest show they've ever done. He also thinks she's in trouble tonight.
I think: Well, that makes everyone sucking so far tonight. These songs must be hard to sing because I think everyone is botching them. She did much better on the second one; I think she was second best for the night after David Cook.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Elimination night on "American Idol"

Ryan kisses Simon on the head as a greeting tonight. Just what all of us have always wanted to see him do.
Andrew Lloyd Webber comes back on stage and says all the stuff he said last night. Ryan makes a point of saying that Brooke starting over was the first time it had ever happened on "American Idol" but SHE did earlier this season! What the hell?
Hopefully this time will negate the need for a call-in segment tonight.
After the Ford commercial, which is a punk comic strip set to "Tainted Love," President and Laura Bush read off cards about how great "Idol Gives Back" is. Laura Bush is wearing a quilt, or something.
First up are the Davids, who are safe. Shocking.
They showed a commercial for "Hancock." Wow, that looks cool.
We catch up with Tamyra Grey and Clay Aiken, who are both on Broadway. They seem to be having fun. Clay Aiken has a lot of hair.
Leona Lewis, who Simon discovered (has that been part of her name?), sings next. Her song is called "Bleeding Love." That's weird.
Syesha and Brooke take the stage next. Ryan tells them one of them is safe and it is Brooke, who is TOTALLY shocked.
Jason and Carly took the stage next. Jason makes it through. it must be the female fans; it wasn't his best night.
Syesha and Carly sing again, and it makes us realize we are officially to the part of the competition where everyone is pretty good.
Carly's gone. The audience is stunned. She drove me nuts for so long, and I liked her last night. So don't look at me.

Andrew Lloyd Webber meets "American Idol"

Ryan starts out by telling us the "American Idol" finale will be green. OK, but will it be good? And it's only four weeks away.
Did you know the thing that Andrew Lloyd Webber always says "words, words, words." All righty now.
Ryan asks Simon how is he going to handle the fact that these are Broadway songs, given he always is calling people "too Broadway."

Syesha Mercado
Song: "One Rock 'n' Roll Too Many" ("Starlight Express")
I think: She's really enjoying this, and it makes her sound better.
The Peoples' Court says: Randy says she was in her element and she could be a "huge Broadway star." Paula said it was "her happy place" and it wasn't surprising. Simon said it was "very sexy" and it was one of her strongest performances.

Jason Castro
Song: "Memory" ("Cats")
I think: Jason had no idea a cat sings "Memory"! He said "I think I understand it."
Jason can't do much wrong in my book, and I think he sounds great. But I don't think I have seen him this nervous.
The Peoples' Court says: Randy said "it was a little bit of train wreck." Paula said it was a wise choice because it allows him to inject his influence into it and showcases its uniqueness. Simon said "it was probably the longest two minutes of your life" and it felt like he was being forced to sing it (which he was, by Simon).

Brooke White
Song: "You Must Love Me" (the movie "Evita")
I think: He coached her through the song in a way that defined "mentor," as much as I hate to admit it. But she started over, and it's not the first time. She simply must stop doing this. Everyone is so dang nervous, it makes it clear how foreign this theme is for them.
The Peoples' Court says: Randy said it wasn't great, but at she listened to Andrew Lloyd Webber. Vocally it wasn't strong. Paula said "you must never start and stop." Paula said it was strongest when she was emotional. Simon said "this is why I love live TV" (oh, snap!) and it became uncomfortable watching her as she struggled. He feels she will be disappointed watching it back.

David Archuleta
Song: "Think of Me" ("Phantom of the Opera")
I think: This song sounds way more natural for a boy than "Memory" did. Webber told him to keep his eyes open. He is making some very interesting observations. To me, this does not sound like a Broadway song, the first of the night (only because "Memory" is so well known.)
The Peoples' Court says: Randy said this shows again that "if you can sing, you can sing anything" and "this is the boy to beat!" Paula said it was perfect and he turned a Broadway song into a pop ballad. Simon said it was pleasant but forgettable.

Carly Smithson
Song: "Superstar" ("Jesus Christ Superstar")
I think: Webber switches her song! He's really doing well with them. I liked her this week better than perhaps any other. She really came alive, and the song fit her voice perfectly.
The Peoples' Court says: Randy said it was definitely good and the bigger voices are doing better tonight. Paula said it was unexpected and she was in the range. Simon said it was a little shouty in the middle but it was one of his favorite performances of the night.

David Cook
Song: "The Music of the Night" ("Phantom of the Opera")
I think: When Andrew says David has to sing to him like he's a gorgeous 17-year-old, it's a bit creepy. And kind of funny. He really struggles with this one.
The Peoples' Court says: Randy said this is further proof that the Davids can sing anything and it was "an amazing vocal performance and molten hot." Paula said it proved he is a well-rounded performer. Simon said he made the most of the song, because it's not where he does well.

Based on tonight alone, I think Brooke and David C. are in the most trouble, but the judges disagreed on David.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Elimination night on "Idol"

We start with the group sing, "One Sweet Day." Is David A. wearing a Members Only jacket?
Tonight we are forming groups to the left and right. David Cook is on one side and Jason is on the other side. Hmmm.... Carly joins Jason. Kristy joins David.
Eliot Yamin sings after the break. He's pretty good. I may be softening on this whole thing. Oh my God, his mother just died.
Syesha joins Jason and Carly. Brooke joins David and Kristy.
I don't understand how they act like they haven't read the question five minutes ago.
Mariah Carey sings for about five hours. I think I died in the middle there.
Now David has to be placed with a new family, no, group. Ryan asks him if he's happy. Wow, these guys really read the rumors. Now, David A. is told he is safe, David C. and Syesha are swapped, and Ryan tells David A. to join the group that is safe. Oh my God! He sits in the middle of the stage. Good for him. It turns out David C., Jason and Carly are safe.
Brooke, Kristy and Syesha are the bottom 3. Syesha is quickly moved to the safe zone. God, now the judges have to say if America got it right again. This is too much.

KRISTY is finally GONE! Thank God. She should have been gone weeks ago. How can she be crying?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"American Idol" top 7

Mariah Carey is the mentor tonight. She has sold more songs than Elvis, which is just so incredibly wrong. I have always said Mariah is the ultimate "American Idol" inspiration. She oversings everything and lives this fabulous life. She starts out telling the top 7 how she is not a diva. Nice try.

David Archuleta
Song: When You Believe
Gossip Girl says: Randy said "you can sing anything! That was the bomb, baby!" Paula said she thinks Mariah was proud of him. Simon said he would have bet a million dollars he would do that song, and he did a good job. He also said "I have a feeling there aren't going to be a lot of laughs tonight" (which I found hilarious).
I think: She tells him to use more range in his voice. Shocker. I think he sounds ridiculous.

Carly Smithson
Song: Without You
Gossip Girl says: Randy said he likes that she challenged herself, but he thought she sounded unsure of herself in the beginning. Paula liked that she showed some vocal restraint (hee!) and it made her sound good. Simon said he looked forward to her singing this song and he thought she didn't pull it off, and he pulled back too much in the end.
I think: Can I just say she looks great tonight? (She. Covered. Up. the. Tattoo.) She says how much everyone misses Michael. She sounds pretty good tonight, too. Oddly enough, to me she sounds a little restrained. Maybe the material suits her.

Syesha Mercado
Song: Vanishing
Gossip Girl says: Randy said she always sings the toughest song, and he thought she pulled it off. Paula said she has been extremely smart, she picked a song many people don't know, and she uses her voice well. Simon said technically it was very, very good indeed, but he questioned her choosing an unknown song.
I think: I gotta say she was the one I was dreading this week. She was aight, althought I don't care for the song, that appears to have three words, and one is "whoa-oa-oa-oa-oa."

Brooke White
Song: Hero
Gossip Girl says: Randy liked the "singer/songwriter look." Paula said she was authentic, and it was a brave thing to do. Both of them mentioned the off notes. Simon said she didn't have much choice, but it was like ordering a hamburger and just getting the bun. He said the vital ingredient was missing; she didn't have the voice to pull it off.
I think: She missed her own sister's wedding for this show. She is pretty restrained as well, which I have a feeling won't be popular with the judges. I, however, thought the song was as good as it could be this way.

Kristy Lee Cook
Song: Forever
Gossip Girl says: Randy didn't think it was amazing, but she definitely started stepping up toward the end. Paula said she is a very smart girl, and she was blown away. Simon said she was probably not happy it was Mariah week, and she didn't give him chills and it was whiny in parts.
I think: She can't believe she gave Mariah Carey goosebumps. I can't either. To me this is a big blank space in the evening, but it usually is.

David Cook
Song: Always Be My Baby
Gossip Girl says: Randy said he is the most ready to make an album, and he gave him a standing O. Paula said it could be to a movie soundtrack right now, and he's "it." Simon said it was like "coming out of karaoke hell and into the fresh air." He said it is the sign of a true artist.
I think: He sounds the most like a guy trying to sing Mariah Carey to me. He pulls it together by the end. And he seems the most like a real person this week, and he is overcome with emotion at hoe it went over.

Jason Castro
Song: I Don't Want to Cry
Gossip Girl says: Randy said he felt like he was at a weird beach luau (best comment of the night, although I disagree). Paula said she would love to be at that luau all night long (yow!). Simon said he agrees with Paula, it was unique and "the guys totally won the night."
I think: She said she hopes he uses the ideas she had for him. Wow, that is pretty cool. I thought he did great, because it was his version.

I actually thought David A. was the best.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Idol" elimination night

First we see the recap of "Idol Gives Back" and then the top 8 sing "Shout to the Lord" again as David Cook and Carly attempt to kill each other with screaming.
Then an oddly fascinating montage of people, half of which I didn't recognize, lip syncing "I'm A Believer."
Brooke is safe. David Cook is safe (whew! he had a bad week but he's still one of the most interesting contestants). David Archuleta is safe (and man, do the girls scream when his name is mentioned).
After the break, a film by Forest Whitaker and his wife from Angola. They are visibly moved by a family who live in a dirt-floor room with one filthy small mattress. It's horrible. Did you give last night? If not, do it now.
Jordin Sparks is next! Remember her? Me neither. She is singing with Chris Brown, who must be a big deal, because the audience is going nuts.
The Ford commercial is set to "I Just Want to Celebrate." They sound pretty good doing it.
Jason is safe (whoo!). Kristy is safe (huh?).
So the bottom 3 are Syesha, Carly and Michael.
Next, Bono talks about I belong, do you?
Syesha and Carly are safe. Paula is visibly shocked.
Bye Michael. You were cute.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Idol Gives Back"

There's a big opening number. It's goofy, and there are dancers who made me feel about 100 years old. But when Ryan joins in with his goofy bouncy thing, I feel cooler.
When Maria Shriver comes out they play "Maria" from "West Side Story," like it's the Oscars or something. Weird. I didn't watch this last year, is it all speeches? I hope not.
There's a little film about clean water. Jennifer Connelly should sell her expensive clothes to buy clean water.
Snoop Dogg is surrounded by little kids on stage. I hope they had a different dressing room.
Kobe Bryant gives a little spiel with a weird white bandage on his face. He claims there is an NBA family. Like you and Shaq, Kobe?
Triple H will beat your ass if you don't give money to Idol Gives Back.
Hi Paula and Randy! Paula looks pretty. Paula and Randy went to Goshen School, near L.A. An adorable kid named Christian leads them around. They kids don't have places to play. Save the Children helps them.
Oh God, now Teri Hatcher is going to sing. I was hoping this was untrue. Oh how cute, Mike Denton, her TV husband, is in the band. She is actually not horrible, but she isn't great. And why is she singing? And eat a sandwich. A really big sandwich.
Mary Murphy from "So You Think You Can Dance" is doing that screaming thing she does now.
The Jonas Brothers! EEEEEKKKK! Don't tell Mary Murphy!
Billy Crystal is introduced as "recently retired from the New York Yankees." He is introducing Miley Cyrus, why? He said her name wrong, hee hee hee. They are bantering. Awesome. We get it, Miley. Everything you do is number one. This is never going to end. OK, I have now heard this kid twice, on the "Kids Choice Awards" and here. and I am still stunned by how lame her songs - and especially her singing - are. Would she have made the Hollywood round as a contestant? Doubt it.
Here's my sweetie Bono now. Shut up! He is in Africa with this volunteer who helps children because her three kids all died of AIDS. OK, you got me.
We're back with Fergie and John Legend. Then, Fergie introduces Heart. That's right, those songs Carly butchers every week came from somewhere. And Ann Wilson may be enormous, but man, she can sing. Man, I bet Fergie has a hell of a time going to the bathroom in those rubber pants.
Peyton and Eli Manning introduce the inevitable New Orleans post-Katrina segment. Oh man, I may have to give again. Those poor kids.
ACK! The Beckhams!
Bono is one with a child's memory box for both of his parents. Annie Lennox is with a group of boys, brothers, who have lost all of their relatives. Just imagine. The oldest is 15, the youngest 3. Annie then comes on and sings "Many Rivers to Cross."
How bad is Celine Dion at reading from cards? She also winked at me. Ick.
Jimmy Kimmel introducing Simon Cowell? Oh, he's roasting him. Whatever. Nipple jokes?
Simon is doing the segment on uninsured Americans. Oh, George Bush says that's no problem, Simon. In fact, he vetoed a children's insurance program, because they don't need it. Don't you watch the news? Simon is remarkably good at talking to these people. I remember that from last year, when his segment was the only part of the show I saw.
Simon introduces Carrie Underwood, yow. She is singing a George Michael song ("Praying for Time"). Neat!
Gloria Estefan. Ugh. It's starting to get hard to stay focused here.
Sarah Silverman, uh oh. My husband just came in and he can't watch one minute of these poor kids with malaria. This baby with malaria has the most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen. I hope that these kids watching this are really getting it.
Reese Witherspoon goes back to New Orleans to this wonderful place called Freedom School.
The top 8 sing "Seasons of Love." I know it's cheeseball as hell, but I kind of like this song. I bet they're glad to be off the phones.
Duck! It's Dane Cook! He's introducing Alicia Keys. Is she the person who thinks he's funny? She went to Africa. It's unbelieveable how these people have to live.
Oh, God, not Miley Cyrus again. Not only is her singing awful, her attempts at dancing are jarring and upsetting. Miley takes us to rural Kentucky. My God, they visit this poor family and the mom HAS A BLACK EYE. Too much reality.
Robin Williams?! Oh man. His first line is "You are a friend of Gary Busey!" to Ryan. Nice. He's been on at least four hours. Not funny since first line.
David Spade is introduced, and I swear people stopped clapping the second they heard his name. Brad Pitt, on the other hand, gets a bigger reaction. And he introduces ... Daughtry. Hmm. Daughtry is in Uganda to show us more depressing pictures of poor people just in case you haven't given yet. C'mon, give, everyone's doing it. Oh the kids are singing their song. That's sweet.
Mariah Carey is on now, with Randy playing bass. I will never figure out how she is such a big deal. Now there is a big choir on stage with so much screaming I can barely stand it. Can I take my money back? No, really, I wouldn't.
The top 8 closes the show, with a church song. Seriously, we sing this at my church. Kristy is probably mad they stole her thing.
Good night!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Idol" inspiration night

Michael Johns
Song: Dream On
Judge, jury and executioner: Randy said he had pitch problems and it was all right. Paula said she couldn't disagree more, because it was a perfect song, and he sounds as good as he looks. Simon said it was a very good performance, but he didn't like that he was impersonating a rock star.
I think: He didn't bring anything to it, but he handled the vocal, which isn't an easy one. And he's so pretty.

Syesha Mercado
Song: I Believe
Judge, jury and executioner: Randy said it was OK. Fantasia has a better connection to the audience. Paula said she flipped it and made it her own, and this is one of her shining nights. Simon said technically she sang it very well but it didn't have a wave of emotion.
I think: I hate her song choices.

Jason Castro
Song: Over the Rainbow
Judge, jury and executioner: Randy said "Jason Castro is back in the hunt! That was blazin' hot!" Paula said he has the most definitive sound, and it was the perfect. Simon said it was "fantastic!"
I think: I LOVE this version, and actually squealed like a little girl when he started. I love his song choices.

Kristy Lee Cook
Song: Anyway
Judge, jury and executioner: Randy said it was a little pitchy, but it was really good. Paula said she outdid herself tonight and was excellent. Simon said with a choice this broad you have an opportunity to prove yourself, and she did it.
I think: She looks really pretty, and sang well. Still, she bores me to death.

When they came back from commercial, a man was sitting on Simon's lap. Ohhhkaaayyy...

David Cook
Song: Innocent
Judge, jury and executioner: Randy said it wasn't his strongest week, and he didn't get it. Paula said he was still really good tonight, and she believes in him. Simon said he didn't like the performance at all and it was teensy bit pompous.
I think: This is the first time I can remember not liking him at all. He could be in trouble.

Carly Smithson
Song: The Show Must Go On
Judge, jury and executioner: Randy said it was just OK. Paula said she wasn't feeling the connection tonight. Simon said she looks good but it was an unusual choice of song and she lost control of it.
I think: Here she goes again with the over-singing. And Put. Some. Sleeves. On.

David Archuleta
Song: Angels
Judge, jury and executioner: Randy said "this was David Archuleta's hottest moment" tonight. Paula agreed with Randy. Simon said it was the best song choice of the night, but it wasn't his best vocal. He admitted he was nitpicking, though.
I think: He sounded great tonight. Beautiful song, too.

Brooke White
Song: You've Got a Friend
Judge, jury and executioner: Randy said he liked it, but it wasn't her best performance. Paula said it's one of her favorite songs growing up, and she was "definitive." Simon said it was "a pleasant walk in the park" and it was "nice."
I think: She is not bringing anything to this song, plus she's kind of holding back.

Best of the night: JASON!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Idol" elimination night

This is getting really hard to write about every week. I would like to comment on picking Dolly Parton as a mentor, though. She seems like a lovely person, and obviously talented (again, she has WRITTEN 3,000 SONGS!), but she is not very current, and it seems like it was challenging for too many of the contestants.
And, why for the love of God won't they get rid of this call-in segment? It is torture every week!
It was funny that someone asked Simon why he apologizes for negative critiques though.
Man, those Clark Brothers sure suck, eh?
I am starting to enjoy the Ford commercials though. What? They are cute!
I think Kristy is starting to overdo the "poor me, I'm always in the bottom three thing."
This Bo Bice guy is quite the character. I never saw him on the show when he was on.
Brooke and Jason walk out like they are going to prom, hee.
The bottom three is Kristy, Ramiele and Brooke.
The "Idol Gives Back" moment is the story of two sisters reunited in Africa. It really is an awesome film.
Dolly Parton just said "I got Jesus and you got Simon!"

Ramiele goes home tonight.

'American Idol' meets Dolly Parton

Ryan Seacrest starts out the night with an April Fool's joke. Hee hee.

Dolly Parton has written 3,000 songs?!? Holy crap!

Brooke White
Song: Jolene
The Moment of Truth: Randy said she could definitely make a country album besides the pitch problems and rushed delivery. Huh? Paula babbled about her honesty and emotional connection. Simon said it lacked emotion and the group looked odd together and it wasn't the best.
I think: She sounds very much at ease with the material.

David Cook
Song: Little Sparrow
The Moment of Truth: Randy said he showed his vocal range and he liked it. Paula said she liked his haircut?! and she never heard a guy do the song and she liked it. Simon said it wasn't as good as last week, but he made a song about sparrows good. Man, Simon has some kind of problem with birds.
I think: This is his own arrangement. He has been criticized for stealing others' arrangements, but that's the show, dawg. I liked it.

Ramiele Malubay
Song: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
The Moment of Truth: Randy said he wasn't jumping up and down but he wasn't mad at her either?!? Weird comments tonight. Paula said she had a great minute and 30 seconds. Simon said "we're not going to remember this in 10 years, are we?" and that it was something you would hear on a cruise ship.
I think: How is she still on this show? She's becoming so average.

Jason Castro
Song: Travelin' Thru
The Moment of Truth: Randy said it got better as it went along. Paula said it was one of his best performances. Simon said he didn't like it at all and if it had been the first time he had seen Jason, he wouldn't get it.
I think: He seems more lively this week. I wonder if he's trying hard enough for Simon.

Carly Smithson
Song: Here You Come Again
The Moment of Truth: Randy said it was one of the better performances of the night. Paula said it was glorious and "that voice of yours - oh my God!" Simon said it was good, not great and that she "needs to have a word with whoever is dressing you."
I think: A good arrangement for her. She irritated me less than she usually does.

David Archuleta
Song: Smoky Mountain Memories
The Moment of Truth: Randy said it was the best performance of the night. Paula said it was amazing and he has a great aura. Simon said it was absolutely on the money, song choice wise.
I think: He sounds really good tonight.

Kristy Lee Cook
Song: Coat of Many Colors
The Moment of Truth: Randy said country music is her wheelhouse, several times. Paula said it was her best performance. Simon said last week was her best performance, and this week was pleasant but forgettable.
I think: She should be nailing this, but she's not.

Syesha Mercado
Song: I Will Always Love You
The Moment of Truth: Randy said she did pretty good taking on the tiger of the night. Paula said her voice has a velvety tone and she is growing. Simon said it was one of the best pop songs ever written and she paled in comparison with the Whitney version.
I think: I could have predicted this one. I am tired of her Whitney Houston fixation.

Michael Johns
Song: It's All Wrong, But It's All Right
The Moment of Truth: Randy said he keeps raising the bar and he was smokin' hot. Paula said the songs are great and he did great with it. Simon said this is the best he has heard him sing.
I think: This is different for him. He does well with it.

Best of the night: Brooke, David Cook, David Archuleta, Michael Johns