Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Idol" results night

As the top 20 sing their little medley, the only one to get much of a reaction is David A. Everyone, it seems loves David A.
The first person voted off is Jason Y. The next to go is Alexandrea. I can totally live with these two choices. Heh, Alexandrea just called Ryan a freak, and as she sang David A. cried. How sweet.
The Lennon/McCartney songbook has finally been released for the Idols to mangle. Ouf.
Alaina leaves next. She sobs and says she can't sing as her family shoots dirty looks at the judges. It's really sweet how close all these people seem to be. What? I mean it. She finally sings.
"Idol Gives Back" is coming back this year. Oh good, I haven't been crying nearly enough lately.
Robbie is the last one voted off. I didn't care for him.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top 10 Girls on Idol

That '70s Show

Carly Smithson
Song: Crazy on You
Judges? Randy said the beginning was problematic but it came together at the end so it was "aight." Paula said she could tell that Carly loves Heart and she was amazing. Simon said it was a much better performance than last week, but Carly has not chosen the right song. But he said when she does, watch out.
I think: Literally the first time I have been impressed by her.

Syesha Mercado
Song: Me and Mr. Jones
Judges? Randy said Syesha should pick songs that use her voice well. She struggled on the softer notes. Paula agreed that she is not as good on the softer notes, but she liked it. Simon said it was a bit indulgent and silly because the song wasn’t written for a girl. He was put off.
I think: OK, it must be acknowledged that she can do a baby cry. Cree-py. But I still love her.

Brooke White
Song: You’re So Vain
Judges? Randy said it was a great song choice, but she didn’t bring much to it. Randy and Paula thinks she was singing to Simon. Paula said it was perfect for her. Simon said he absolutely loved it, and it was one of the rare occasions when the singer and song matched.
I think: I really want to hate this skinny blondie, but she is pretty good.

Ramiele Malubay
Song: Don’t Leave Me This Way
Judges? Randy said it was just OK because the song choice was off. Paula said Ramiele is one to beat, but the song didn’t allow her to perform her magic. Simon said astonishingly he agrees with Paula, and the song bugged him because he’s heard it so often at “ghastly weddings.” She is also one of the best three singers, according to Simon.
I think: She is so adorable, and such a wonderful singer. I thought she was better than they did.

Kristy Lee Cook
Song: You’re No Good
Judges? Randy said it’s 100 percent improvement from last week, and he liked it. Paula said “you’re back” three times and it was a good song choice. Simon said he couldn’t remember what she sang last week, and this is more memorable. Simon also thinks she should go down the country route and it will serve her better.
I think: I think I know what they mean by “pagaenty” now. She’s competent, but just doesn’t move me.

Amanda Overmyer
Song: Carry On Wayward Son
Judges? Randy said it wasn’t the right song choice and there are too many instrumental breaks. Paula said she has to do what is right for her, and this wasn’t it. Simon felt in the film she was natural and then everything felt contrived, including the “terrible hair.” He couldn’t wait for it to finish.
I think: She is way off key. I mean, I can hear it. She’s gone.

Alaina Whitaker
Song: Hopelessly Devoted to You
Judges? Randy said the song was wrong for her and she sounded pitchy in the verses. Paula said she could tell she loves the song and she did a real good job. Simon said he likes her but it’s as if her grandmother prepared her for the audition. It’s too old fashioned.
I think: Alaina and Kristy Lee cancel each other out. Still, she sounded good with this song.

Alexandrea Lushington
Song: If You Leave Me Now
Judges? Randy asked her “what did you think?,” and she said “it’s over!” Randy said she didn’t challenge herself enough. Paula said she did let go. Simon said he was a big fan of hers early on, but she is struggling now. He said she is stuck in the time period.
I think: I don’t think she brings anything to the table.

Kady Malloy
Song: Magic Man
Judges? Randy said she never found the pitch and it didn’t work. Paula said when she powered up she sounded great but on the soft notes she lost it. Simon said he’s frustrated because her film is so great but then when she came out she was a bad imitation of Christina. Simon said she also has to find the right song.
I think: This is the third blondie. I can’t tell them apart. They bore me. And she’s out of tune.

Asia’h Epperson
Song: All By Myself
Judges? Randy said considering how hard the song was, she did well. Paula said it was great even though she had some problems. Simon said it’s a diva song and she just didn’t pull it off. It was too big for her.
I think: I don’t think she could have picked a worse song if she tried. Terrible.

Tonight's highlights: Carly, Syesha, Brooke, Ramiele

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top 10 Guys on Idol

Michael Johns
Song: Go Your Own Way
Judges? Randy said it was solid and he liked it. Paula said he has been consistent, and this was the same. Simon said it was the wrong song and his weakest performance.
I think: He showed some range here, but it got worse as it went along.

Jason Castro
Song: I Just Want To Be Your Everything
Judges? Randy said the whole package was all right but the singing was not great. Paula said it wasn't as bad as Randy heard it to be. Paula and Randy want to see him without the guitar, though. Simon thought the song was too schmaltzy, and he looked very uncomfortable.
I think: He made the song his own. I like this guy. (Dare I admit Andy Gibb was my first concert? I think I just did.)

Luke Menard
Song: Killer Queen
Judges? Randy said he picked a very difficult song and sang it well. Paula said she was glad he was better this week. Simon shushed the crowd, and said he chose the wrong song, which will always be unfavorably compared to the original.
I think: He did much better this week, and I don't mind that a bit, because he is quite nice to look at.

Robbie Carrico
Song: Hot Blooded
Judges? Randy said it didn't have enough "HUH!" because it was one of his favorite songs. Paula said it must make him crazy to be told he's not authentic, but he played it safe. Simon said Robbie shouldn't be defensive and he thought the vocal was OK tonight.
I think: As my husband said, "I'm not sure it's possible to make this song worse, but he's right there."

Danny Noriega
Song: Superstar
Judges? Randy said he overthought it and didn't use his vibrato well. Paula reminded Danny of his amazing vocal skill, but she agreed he overthought it. Simon said it was better, but he was trying so hard. Simon did say he is interesting, though.
I think: He is better than last week, doing a song I hate, no less. Remember when Chris Farley and David Spade sang this in "Tommy Boy"?

David Hernandez
Song: Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Judges? Randy said "this is the David Hernandez we fell in love with." Paula gave him a standing ovation. She said he has a pure voice and it was perfect. Simon said it was the best vocal of the night so far, and that David takes criticism well.
I think: What is it with the eyebrows, dude? It may not be fair, but I can't stand this douchebag. He is wearing a suit jacket over a hoodie. He should get voted off for that alone!

Jason Yaeger
Song: Long Train Runnin'
Judges? Randy said it was the wrong song and came off very karaoke. Paula said it was fun to see this side of him, but the song did not show his vocal range. Both said it was not a singer's song. Simon said last week was boring and this week was awkward and corny. Simon said he is a quite-good singer who can't perform.
I think: I don't like him.

Song: I Believe to My Soul
Judges? Randy said "Chikezie is back!" and "it was blazin'!" Paula said it was brilliant. Simon said the song choice was clever and it was a million times better than last week, then Chikezie insulted him so he decided he didn't like him again (hee).
I think: He was cool!

David Cook
Song: All Right Now
Judges? Randy said it was a smart choice of song and he was rockin'. Paula said he is the real deal. Simon said it was solid and believeable, but that his video, when he said he likes doing crosswords, didn't do him any favors.
I think: I like him better with the electric guitar, but listen to Simon. Crosswords? Bor-ing.

David Archuleta
Song: Imagine
Judges? Randy said it's about the young ones and this is one of the best vocals he's ever heard on the show. Paula said he is ridiculous and she wants to dangle him ... from her rearview mirror. She said it was one of the most moving performances she has ever seen. Simon said it was very risky, but it worked, he is the one to beat and "there are 19 very miserable contestants here now."
I think: He's probably technically the best singer of the boys, maybe of all, but it must be pointed out that he changed the words to a JOHN LENNON SONG!

Best of the night: Jason Castro, Luke, Chikezie, David A.

Monday, February 25, 2008

SNL is funny again!

Tina Fey hosted. There were several great moments, but the fake commercial for "Annuale" was my favorite.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

80th Annual Academy Awards

Obeservations on the Oscar show:

The skinny women needs to pay attention to Alexandra Bryne, the costume design winner. That's what happens when you never eat and tan too much. You end up looking like that.
I don't really want to be reminded Barbra Streisand won an Oscar.
Ah, "Ratatouille." Pixar does it again. Sweet speech, Brad Bird.
"La Vie en Rose" wins for makeup. I was surprised "Sweeney Todd" wasn't nominated here.
If this "Happy Working Song" wins over the "Once" song, I am not going to be happy.
My kids are really ticked that "Transformers" did not win for visual effects. I am pleased that ads will not say tomorrow "OSCAR WINNER 'Transformers.'" And if it had won, Michael Bay would have never stopped talking about it. Although I liked The Rock's joke about the face-melting scene in "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
Hell yeah, "Sweeney Todd!" It's just art direction, but it's cool.
Does Johnny Depp's girlfriend have a missing front tooth?
Javier Bardem - awesome! His speech is in Spanish! Who else could do that?
The Oscar salutes to binoculars and periscopes and bad dreams were funny. This is going well.
Wow, the bee in "Bee Movie" is on. The bee is happy for you, "Peter and the Wolf" people in the back row, whose names the announcer just mispronounced.
First surprise of the night! Tilda Swinton! I will never believe she was born a woman. She is giving a wonderful speech.
Jessica Alba was the Techie geek cover girl this year. That whole thing is pretty creepy.
Adapted Screenplay for the Coens. I called it!
Michael Bay sighting! Boooooo!
Miley Cyrus is more comfortable on that stage than anyone I have seen tonight, including Jon Stewart.
Another boring "Enchanted" song that had better not beat out the "Once" song.
The sound editing award goes to "People being punched by Matt Damon for two hours." Still no "Transformers" Oscars! YES!
Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill are hysterically arguing over which of them is Halle Berry. Someone will write that this is undignified but these bits really save the show from being a complete bore.
And it's official. No "Transformers" Oscars. Thank God for Matt Damon, for more than one reason.
Second surprise of the night! Julie Christie gets beaten by the French chick, who is really beautiful.
Hee, Jon Stewart was playing Wii coming back from commercial. He said "am I supposed to be winded?" Well, probably not, but you aren't alone.
Woo! "Once"! Glen Hansard is wearing the exact same thing he wore to the Independent Spirit Awards. Marketa Irglova was wearing jeans last night, so she is not.
Boy, "The Bourne Ultimatum" is cleaning up.
Nicole Kidman IS pregnant, right?
Here is the third "Enchanted" song. Boy, this guy is boring. And is just me, or does the "Patrick Dempsey" dancer look a little like a Frankenstein? I guess these people didn't know there was more than one song in "Once."
Glen and Marketa won! Hooray! Glen was soo cool! They cut Marketa's mike! What the hell?! Then Jon Stewart says "Wow, that guy is so arrogant!" He brought Marketa back on, which is awesome.
I'm losing interest fast here. It was a nice touch to have the Iraq soldiers introduce the documentary short subject category, though.
If you ask me, Diablo Cody is way overdoing the cute girl trying to look bad thing. That tattoo is atrocious.
Man, we think today's stars dress weird. How about that Bette Davis? Was she wearing a giant Hershey's kiss as a hat?
Daniel Day Lewis bowed to Helen Mirren. And it was cute.
Way to go, Coens! "Henry Kissinger, Man on the Go" sounds awesome by the way.
And it's a wrap. "No Country for Old Men" continues the streak of ultra-violent Best Pictures, after last year's "The Departed."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Elimination Round of "American Idol"

First Ryan banters with the judges. Then we get a music video with the top 24 getting treated like the stars many of them will never become. The filler is back!
The first elimination round features the group songs "Needles and Pins," "Spanish Harlem" and "Bend Me, Shape Me." It's cheeseball as ever.
Next we recap the top 12 guys. Then we say goodbye to Garrett. Thank you, America.
The next to go is Amy. America, you are so wise. Ryan does the switcheroo where he called Kristy up, and then told her she was safe, first. That's just mean.
Now we have a music video from Randy's new album featuring Paula Abdul, who would never win this competition. She's a little pitchy, dawg.
The next girl voted off is Joanne. The girls are all crying.
Colton is the last to go. Oh my God, the boys are crying, too.
America did aight. OK, that's enough of Randy-isms for the night.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Top 12 Girls on "Idol"

The Hell of '60s Night continues

Kristy Lee Cook
Song: Rescue Me
Survey says: Randy thinks it wasn't her best performance. Pitchy. Paula said she shouldn't let them see her sweat. She has the flu and went first, but she has to make sure to hide that. Simon said she was robotic, and that Paula has performed while sick, so Kristy should be able to.
I think: Bor-ing!

Joanne Borgella
Song: I Say a Little Prayer
Survey says: Randy said it was pretty good, she got it together at the end. She seemed unsure. Paula said she was not as confident. Simon didn't like it at all. He said she has to come out and nail it, and her parents give him the death stare.
I think: I like her. Not her best moment, but she won't be the worst tonight.

Alaina Whitaker
Song: More Today than Yesterday
Survey says: Randy said it's the year of the young ones and it was like "what?!" Paula said she was very joyful. Simon said he hated the song but she was really good, and she'll sail through to the next round.
I think: To me she is a dead ringer for Carrie Underwood, which seems bad. She performed well though.

Amanda Overmyer
Song: Baby, Please Don't Go
Survey says: Randy loved it, and the trousers. Paula said she loves everything she does. Simon said he really likes her, too. He does wonder if she forgot the lyrics, and said it wasn't her best.
I think: I can't understand her half the time. The band is louder than her. She has stage presence though, and is totally unique.

Amy Davis
Song: Where the Boys Are
Survey says: Randy said she didn't scoop up the notes properly. Whatever. Paula said the camera loves her (hell yeah), but it was lackluster. Simon said the song was boring and cabaret.
I think: She is all over the place, and seems out of tune to me. Too bad, she's gorgeous. Worst of the night so far.

Brooke White
Song: Happy Together
Survey says: Randy said it started a little rough and it came together at the end. She "slayed" it by the end. Paula said it's about originality and she has her own thing. She said she picked the right song. Simon said he feels like he's in a commercial for "washing up liquid" from the '60s. He said he presumes she is going to be nice and Brooke asks "is that OK?" and he said "not really."
I think: She sounds solid to me.

Alexandrea Lushington
Song: Spinning Wheels
Survey says: Randy said she blew the doors off that and it was hot. Paula said she controlled the whole performance and she was very confident. Simon didn't get it, the vocals weren't great and it was like one of those horrible little '60s musicals.
I think: She's off key. Love the dancing and the peace-sign earring is to die for. though.

Kady Malloy
Song: A Groovy Kind of Love
Survey says: Randy said the song was OK, too restrained and controlled, and she got lost a little in the song. Paula said she looks really pretty, but she wants to see the fun Kady. Simon agrees with Paula and said it was "like 'Night of the Living Dead.'" He said she has to lighten up.
I think: She has weird, dead eyes, and she's boring.

Asia'h Epperson
Song: Piece of My Heart
Survey says: Randy said she made the song her own. Paula said she had some really good moments. Simon said it was his favorite of the night, because she let go.
I think: She is kicking ass. She made the song original.

Ramiele Malubay
Song: You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
Survey says: Randy said she took her time, and built it up to the end. Very classy, almost like a pro. Paula said she is a force to be reckoned with, and performed well. Simon said he didn't like her when he first saw her, but tonight she outsung (sic) everyone.
I think: Best of the night so far.

Syesha Mercado
Song: Tobacco Road
Survey says: Randy said it's not his favorite performance, but it was consistent. Paula said she was definitely consistent. Simon agrees not the best performance, but it doesn't matter because she is probably one of the most talented girls. She tried hard, which was lacking in some of the others.
I think: She and Ramiele are my favorites of the women. Syesha is so kick ass, she has a great look, and she's powerful but not annoying, like some "big" singers.

Carly Smithson
Song: The Shadow of Your Smile
Survey says: Randy said that's what the show is all about, and she is the best vocal of the top 24. Paula said she is the lucky coin in the pocket, she is reliable. Simon said he didn't get it, and there's so much hype about her, but it was a letdown.
I think: I think she's too much, personally, but the judges love her.

Best of the night: Brooke, Asia'h, Ramiele, Syesha

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top 12 Guys on "Idol"

Tonight features songs from the '60s.

David Hernandez
Song: In the Midnight Hour
Survey says: Randy liked it, but says it fell apart a bit at the end. Paula said he had a perfect vibrato. Simon says "loosen up a bit."
I think: Too loungy, although it could just be the '60s night.

Song: More Today than Yesterday
Survey says: Randy says he needs to keep it fresh, because he is an old-fashioned singer. Paula loves the way he looks and sings. Simon hated the performance and said he was cheesy. Chikezie interrupts Simon repeatedly.
I think: Simon was totally right.

David Cook
Song: Happy Together
Survey says: Randy says he worked it out, and it was crazy! Paula says he was worthy. Simon said it was good, but "shouty" in the middle.
I think: I don't get this guy's hair.

Jason Yeager
Song: Moon River
Survey says: Randy said the song is deceptively simple. He says stay in it. Paula said it is sentimental to her because she had her first ballet recital to the song. Simon said it was very cruise ship and he's like a dependable dog, and he doesn't mean a "d-a-w-g" dog.
I think: He sounds like someone on a Disney album.

Hey! It's that commercial with Zach Braff as the puppy obsessed with ass!

Robbie Carrico
Song: One
Survey says: Randy says "nice one." It's one of his favorite Three Dog Night "joints." Paula said he picked the perfect song. Simon said it's the only current performance of the night.
I think: This has been the first interesting song/performance of the night.

David Archuleta
Song: Shop Around
Survey says: Randy said it was really brilliant and he sang the song maturely. Paula said it was a brave and bold choice of song, and she forgets how old he is when he sings. Simon said "when you got it, you got it." He calls it the best performance of the night.
I think: Man, this boy can sing. At this point it's impossible to believe he won't make the top 12.

Danny Noriega
Song: Jailhouse Rock (on '60s night?)
Survey says: Randy said the vocals were OK. "It was kinda hot." Paula said it was very warm. This was a safer song for him. Simon says it was verging on grotesque and the whole performance was hideous. They argued a lot about this.
I think: He's better than this song.

Luke Menard
Song: Everybody's Talkin' at Me
Survey says: Randy said it was very pitchy and sharp all the way through. It never settled. Paula agreed, and said it was not the best song for him. She wants him to pick better songs. Simon said it was forgettable. "You fell into the absolute worst trap you could, which is no one is going to remember you."
I think: Such a babe, but such a bore.

Colton Berry
Song: Suspicious Minds
Survey says: Randy says he struggled at the beginning, but all in all it was good. Paula said it was nice to see a different side of him, but it wasn't his best. Simon said it was not relevant and was a complete waste of time. He also made a crack about hair, and Ryan called Simon's hair a "box cut."
I think: More Elvis? Ugh. I hate '60s night.

Garrett Haley
Song: Breakin' Up is Hard to Do
Survey says: Randy said he didn't do anything with it. Paula agreed and said it was too slow. Simon said it was boring and whiny, and he looked terrified. Simon said he needed fresh air.
I think: Gawd. Horrid.

Jason Castro
Song: Daydream (with his guitar)
Survey says: Randy said he liked that he tried something different. it didn't blow him away but it was all right. Paula said he did blow her away and it was effortless and joyful. Simon said it was in the top two performances of the night.
I think: Nice. He really looked the part tonight. Wow, I am totally with Simon tonight.

Michael Johns
Song: Light My Fire
Survey says: Randy said it was a great way to end the night. He said he's like Michael Hutchence. Paula said he did set the night on fire. Simon said he is the most consistent performer this year and he has the charisma of a lead singer.
I think: To quote Elvis, a hunka hunka burnin' love. He is cool.

Best of the night: David A., Jason, Michael, Robbie. I'd be hard pressed to pick two more to make the top six.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's ... the ... top ... 24

OK. I love Hayden Christensen as much as the next girl (and don't kid yourselves, guys, girls LOVE him), but these "Jumper" promos are getting really embarrassing.

Each person is brought in to face the music. Ha ha, I joke. This is an hour of watching people get their dreams crushed or fulfilled. But everyone knows that by now.

Top 12 girls
Kristy Lee
Brooke W.

Top 12 guys
David C.
David A.
David H.

I'll miss Josiah, although I think I'm alone there, since most other blogs calls him "annoying emo crying kid." I hope he stops sleeping in his car, anyway.
Simon's going to miss Kyle.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First night of Hollywood week

Ryan announces that the Hollywood round will be different this year. No one will be cut the first two days, but the third day, two thirds of the 164 people chosen will be going home.
They bring the first girl out, with a piano. Brooke is first. What pressure! She gets through.
Lorena, Amy, Leo all get nos, for the time being. Alisha, Micheal, Alyssa, Shaun, Jake (playing the drums!) all get rejected as well.
David is next. He just sings, and he does a great job. He seems like a star already. David gets "a hundred fazillion percent yes." That seems pretty good. He's through.
Amanda has just been a car accident, and she has staples in her head. She seems older to me, not like a 23-year-old. To be honest, I didn't like her schtick the first time, but the judges love her. Simon does tell her to expand her repertoire.
Simon warns "don't forget the lyrics." Buck, Cardin, Natashia forget the lyrics.
Ghaleb fails to impress the second time. His voice is off, and Simon thought he was terrible or corny.
This was the end of day one.
Josiah was the kid who lived in his car. I really hope he makes it. He sings this song that he must have written. It's great. The judges love him.
Danny, Ramiele, Carly, Michael all get through. They all sound great.
David gets through, barely. Simon is not thrilled.
Colton and Robbie get through singing Bryan Adams. Oy, it must be a drag listening to these people all do the same song.
Kyle is the nerdy politician kid. He got a room with two girls. Simon walks out. Yow.
Forty-eight already made it through. Didn't he say he wanted 50? That means there are only two spots left.
One hundred sixteen to go face their final shot. Simon warns it's going to be brutal.
Suzanne and Perrie are paired because they are both single parents. And they're both out.
David and Paul make it. Then a bunch of other people make it too. (They weren't named.)
After the commercial, a montage of people not making it.
Jeffrey made it through. He was such a sweetheart.
Now for the last chance.
David is first. He's 16. Randy likes him best. Simon raves about him, which is sweet.
Kyle impresses all three of them, too.
Joey had a migraine all morning. I have migraines so I feel terrible for him. He didn't make it.
Syesha makes it through. She is so lovely.
Michael sings "Bohemian Rhapsody." Awesome! He makes it through.
This Carly, who the judges clearly love, is next. She walks on stage and they start smiling.
Asia'h also makes it through.
Josiah is the last person of the day. He sings "Stand By Me" without the band. The kid who lives in his car makes it through, despite a bad performance.
To be continued...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's the last night of auditions

We start right off with terrible people. Not a good sign for the night.
Amy is gorgeous, and she sings "Blue Bayou." She gets in, with the possibility of her future.
Tiffany is wearing an awful dress and sings the weirdest scales I have ever heard. She starts singing this church song, horribly. Ugh.
Next we meet this weirdo love triangle. Chris and Cory are brothers. They do a rap, and it was cheeseball. Then Ashley, their girlfriend -- ick, comes in with a puppy and Simon kisses it. Her singing is "torture," according to Simon. The guys put her up to it. None of these people get through. She is very cheery about it.
Cardin is a waitress and she's pretty good. Simon says she's too theatrical, but Randy and Paula like her.
JoAnne sings a Celine Dion song, and she gets through.
Alesha also sings Celine, and she is really lousy. She has this stupid little girl voice. Simon calls her audition dreadful. They all say learn a Dolly Parton song and Ryan tries to teach her "9 to 5." She comes back to sing "Islands in the Stream." Wow, they really know their stuff. She sounds much better doing the Dolly Parton song! Simon says he hates to admit it but they were right! She gets through.
Montage of people singing badly. One guy adds swears to the song.
Josh calls himself J Smoove. He sings a song called "Beautiful Lady." Simon says "that was catchy," dripping with sarcasm. Then he calls him "revolting." Simon offers to sweep up the rose petals and he says "what do I do with this thing?" It's called a broom, Simon.
Chikezie has auditioned before. Randy wasn't feeling him. This time he gets through. He has clearly improved, because he was good!
Danny has been here before too. He is quite the femme, but he's more confident this time. He sings "Proud Mary," a weird choice.
One hundred and sixty four people make it to Hollywood.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


First we meet Ryan's parents.

Joshua is going to show the judges something they haven't seen in the other contestants. Weird, demonic eyes, apparently. He can't do it without the eyes. My husband says he's like Tenacious D. He makes it by facing away form the audience. "Is he going to sing with his back turned?" asked Simon, who admitted he was afraid of Joshua.
J.P. auditioned right behind Carrie Underwood before. He stinks. Simon says his pen has more charisma. No way.
A montage of people who Paula couldn't turn down. Whatever.
Next is Asia'h, whose father just died. She sang very well but wore it on her sleeve as well. And it appears she missed his funeral for her audition. Ick. The judges are all blown away by this, but I think it's terribly opportunistic of her. Still, she's not a bad singer.
After commercial we have a beauty queen who wore her crown. Brooke was a good singer, better than pageants I think. After she leaves Simon and Randy admitted they found her very annoying, and Simon wanted her to be bad.
Montage of people actually singing "Glamorous" worse than Fergie.
Eva starts singing and promptly falls down. Her singing is awful. They think it's an act, but she insists it's not a joke. She's crying.
Alexandrea brought her 93-year-old grandma. She's 16, she sings "My Funny Valentine" and her very loud family screams as Ryan sits with Grandma.
Nathan makes fun of the people who lose. Bad omen. He makes fun of Simon mercilessly. But he also stinks.
Next is Amanda, who is a scary looking nurse. I would be afraid if she came to my house. She does look good, but she sings Janis Joplin, which is not usually a good sign. She gets through, everyone likes her.
After the commercial, we get Josiah, who lives in his car. He's only 18. He sings his own song, with a British accent. I hope he calls his family. He is fantastic. He was my favorite from today.
Twenty made it from Atlanta.