Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dancing with the Stars - Buzz's ouster

In this ABC photo, Evan and Anna show how it's done.

No one can be shocked, and most must be a little relieved, that poor Buzz Aldrin's dancing was put out of its misery this week on "Dancing with the Stars."

His reasons for doing the show kind of said it all - he was doing it for fighter pilots, veterans, the space program, old people - but was any of that about dancing?
The 80-year-old was a charmer, no doubt - although his early constant flirting with dance partner Ashly kind of came off as "creepy old man" more than "grandfatherly."
This week, the rehearsal footage revealed a lot of drama in the couples, but not for Evan and Anna, who soared to the top of the leader board, and dazzled with their quickstep. Evan's broken toes did not affect his performance in the slightest.
Several of the other dancers pouted and bickered - some broke the rules, like Nicole and Derek, who may have given a show-stopping performance, but there is a week devoted to freestyle and this was not it. Some gave performances that were best described by the judges themselves, as "odd" and "hard to watch" - looking at you, Kate Gosselin.
Early concerns were Evan may just come off as too "boring" and "normal" for this glittery program. But this week certainly showed that being good at what you are supposed to do and following the rules holds its own benefits - a chance to move on to the next week.
So there are benefits to being the nice, good, hard-working guy after all. I for one hope it continues to work for Evan.

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